Who is Amy?

Amy Walker born and raised in Connecticut has been doodling since elementary school. Now her doodles have evolved into various sizes and shapes of oil paintings, graphite drawings, and watercolor art. Amy has a strong interest in painting landscapes, whether majestic ocean views or the view right outside her front door, she strives to capture the emotion and beauty that can be found throughout the creation of earth.Amy also enjoys doing portraiture and figure drawings, still lives, and “experimental” paintings.

A senior at Paier College of Art, Amy is studying to receive her Bachelors of Fine Arts, with a concentration in painting. After graduation Amy hopes to work with her sisters and open “Walker Studios LLC.” Aside from being a wife and someday a mother, all Amy wants to do is what she loves best – to paint. She hopes to make a living off of commissions and gallery shows with miscellaneous freelance jobs along the way.

Amy is open to any ideas for commissions because she has a wide variety of skills and techniques up her sleeve, enough to please a various assortment of people. If you have the slightest thought of commission work for her to do, she hopes that you would contact her so that you may talk it over and work out a deal.

Thanks for supporting her and the Arts!


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