2014 Has Begun

I know it’s not January anymore… That’s usually when everyone posts their goals for the New Year…inspirational blogs and such…well what can I say…I’ll consider myself to be Hipster…when it comes to new year goals at least.

It’s taken me a month to really decide on what I want to do this year…and really it all leads down a pathway filled with paint. Yellow Ochre and Crimson Red will guide my path followed by Ultramarine Blue and some Raw Umber. Don’t get me wrong…2013 was Great!!! I mean, I had a baby for Pete’s sake…but my focus now is dusting the cobwebs off my easels.

My schedule of painting sessions is as follows:

1. A Trompe L’Oiel style painting. Due Date: May. This is my big painting. My many hours, high intensity detail painting.

2. Speed Paintings. Due Date: 2 times a week. These will be fast 1 or 2 hour paintings to get the creative juices flowing again. To work on mixing colors and painting loose and free.

3. On the road Art. Due Date: NA. I will place my mini watercolor set in my car and whether it’s a stroll through the park or random day at the beach…I’ll enjoy a bit of outdoor painting.

Basically…to sum it all up…I’m excited.

Are you?

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