Blogspirations: Advertising Edition

What is your first thought when you hear: Advertising and Marketing….

Corporate America, restaurants and retail stores, big business tv commercials, insurance, and automobiles… That’s what I think of at least…or used to.

But what about the small little guys…the coffee shops, the photographers, the artists…they’ve gotta advertise too…

Walker Studios LLC is in the process of being “reborn” with the arrival of a new logo, and very soon the unveiling of new websites…and just like Coca-Cola or Audi…we have to sell our brand too! So new business cards and marketing materials are in the works as well and boy oh boy are we excited!!!

What do you think an artists buisness card should look like? Bold and busy? Or clean and simple? These few crazy ones caught my eye when I was browsing the internet this morning.

One of the cards has it’s own easel included!




And then there are information brochures…primarily for our dealings in photography…to let people know about packages and pricing. These are the sort of things we place at local coffee shops and sandwich shops….for the passing eye. These should definitely be vibrant…

You would do a second glance if you saw one of these now wouldn’t you??!?…




Keep your eye out for our advertising coming soon!

And don’t forget about the little guys…
Small Business Saturday is right around the corner (Nov 30) !!!

Ta-ta for now,

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