Preparation is Everything


Have you ever wondered what someone goes through to make something happen?
of course you have!

We’re humans…we’re curious…that’s how we were built. That’s why there are TV shows on “The Way Things Work”… Showing us how something is made…and DIY channels, books, and blogs to show us how to renovate our homes, and turn trash into treasure. We are a people that “do”…a people that create…a people that PLAN.

Without planning where would we be?… Houses would be crooked…doors would be too big for their frames…engines wouldn’t fit into cars, we would show up for vacation and the hotels would be booked…your photos would be crappy and events would be overbooked…and you would run out of paint before the painting is finished.

Planning is an essential part of our lives…it can be overbearing and controlling sometimes but with the perfect ratio of planning and spontaneous creativity you get a work of art like no other. Let me enlighten you with an example:

A photographer books a newborn photo shoot…the day is picked and the two hour time slot scheduled…but that is not the end. She scours the web for endless hours searching brave new photo ideas…posing, props, and lighting. She creates or buys the necessary props to set up this adorable baby; fuzzy blankets, decorative knit hats, and the perfect little baskets. And of course, before the day is upon her she gathers her lenses, wipes her memory cards, and charges her batteries.

…and then she works her magic taking the most magnificent photos of that newborn… BUT IMAGINE the photos if she skipped everything that followed scheduling the date…you would, simply put, end up with a person behind a camera. It is imperative that we think of planning as a key part to the success of our lives. It is not cool to throw planning out the window and just “go with the flow.” There is a time and place for that I suppose…but I believe it is quite unknown to many how much planning goes into the world of art.

For another example:
No folks! We don’t just whip out our paintbrushes in a seconds notice, put random colors on the palette, and knock out a painting to sell for ya…ART doesn’t just happen….we -as artists- aren’t just lucky to be doing what we’re doing…it took just as much work to get where we are as the guy in the shop building the newest Ford Mustang. Hours are spent getting inspiration from other artists, then paints and materials are bought. The artist is up day and night…sketching, doodling, erasing and redrawing her design. She spends time setting up her palette…organizing her colors into a lineup that works for her. And then…only then…does she actually begin to paint.

Our work…as artists; is so much more than this “natural talent you’re so lucky to have” …yes there is talent- I’m not denying that…but it’s hard work, planning, and time…just like any career. There are ups and downs…but know that we’re not just working because of sheer luck of the draw…it all takes time and planning…It is our job, our career, our passion.

We put just as much time and energy into it as you do at your job…respect that. If you can’t make a photo shoot…let us know as far in advance as you can… If you change your mind about the design, let us know before we start painting. If we give you a quote on a job that is already more then reasonable don’t try to discount it even more …frankly it’s probably already super cheap because we’re small business owners new to the field… Art is our passion…..and it’s also our income.

Respect the Arts.
Respect the Planning.


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