Nothing like a little pen and ink

Todays inspiration isn’t drawn from vibrant colors and fancy paints…but from a tool so commonly used in our society… the pen. This simple mechanism filled with one color of ink does more for the mind of an artist then you may realize. It is a starting point, such as that first strand of silky web that the spider begins to spin. This web will crisscross, weave, curve, and tangle itself into a masterpiece of lines with no beginning and no end…such as with a pen. No one but the artist knows where the first line was drawn. We just see the completed piece of art.

I’ve scoured the web to find some images for you to view of pen masterpieces…and I was not let down.

Now…if you are looking at these with the same eye that I was…you are asking yourself why your sketchbook isn’t this phenomenal… but stop. Look at these pieces again and tell yourself that YOU can be as creative as these folks…it takes time, it take lots of sketchbook paper…but most of all it takes letting go of the “perfect” line…and letting your hand and your brain work together to do what they do best – CREATE.

Stay inspired my friends.


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One thought on “Nothing like a little pen and ink

  1. WOW! I adore pen masterpieces and these are some of the best I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you so much for collecting and sharing!! Gina

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