Painting The Eatery

My current work post today is quite exciting! …only extra exciting because it’s not about a sketch or some silly doodle…although we know everyone loves to doodle… but instead it is about the latest Walker Studios commission.

My sister and myself had the pleasure of meeting Jon Masella of Masella Catering no more than 2 weeks ago. Jon is the owner of a wonderful catering business that we have had the pleasure of tasting before. (Mhmmmm mac and cheese!!) He is now going to be opening his first storefront restaurant in addition to running his catering business. Talk about an entrepreneur! Through word of mouth from a coincidental spider web of friendships he was referred to us when it came to painting expertise. And instantly we took the job and were happy to help out another small business such as ourselves.

So Kay and I drove to The Eatery, located at 65 South Colony Road in Wallingford, and met up with Jon to begin laying out the design and sketching the walls.

Sketches and Logo for the Eatery

Sketches and Logo for the Eatery

(Remember those little sketches from my last current work post?)

Well with everything as he wanted it, and much convenience of the scissor lifts that he had lying around (2 of them!!) we began to make changes to the interior. A few beams just needed some simple quotes on them…in addition to the name of the restaurant of course…

The interior gets some paint!

The interior gets some paint!

Then…. we went outside.

This is the part I was most excited for. I have painted quite a few murals now…but never one that was on an exterior wall -for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE! Literally this brick wall can be seen two blocks away down South Colony Road….and boy oh boy is that a great feeling knowing that anyone can notice your artwork…not just whoever walks inside.

The outside mural begins.

The outside mural begins.


So, after much more mathematical equations then I had intended on doing that day…the logo was sketched out in its entirety. Quite a perfect circle after much sketching with a homemade compass of sorts. Unfortunately once we made some headway and starting laying the first paint down thunderstorms threatened to ruin our work so we decided better to be safe then sorry…and we packed up and headed home.

The last day of Painting. LOGO COMPLETE!

The last day of Painting. LOGO COMPLETE!

The last day of painting was finally upon us! What looked like a beautiful sunny day out the window was actually a cold crisp day in the shade. Our fingers went a little numb from time to time as we experienced a glimpse of some fall weather. But nothing could motivate us more than seeing this circular beast completed. The blues went up, the “Sweet Midori” lime green was filled in and it began to pop. Once the last few strokes were painted we couldn’t help but smile at the work we had done.

Jon came out to look at the completed mural and his smile was ear to ear. There is nothing better than seeing a client as happy with your work as you are.

It will probably be a few more months before this restaurant is open for business…but everyone will most certainly know how to find it now!

***And in case you wanted to look at the logo a bit closer…we continuously took shots of the mural throughout all of its stages and Kay is in the process of creating a time-lapse video as we speak. Stay tuned for a short blog post featuring that video and we will also post it unto our YouTube Channel. Just click on the “VIDEOS” tab and you will find it there.




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  2. Looooove. This is so great. I can’t believe you did this with an 8 months pregnant belly! You’re a rockstar!

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    Current work from Amy in the field of Mural Painting!

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