Bright colors and lots of paint


Here is a Blogspiration post to beat all others so far. In researching murals, mural painting, business strategies for mural commissions… etc… I’ve come across information so brilliant I couldn’t help but share.

Just to link quickly to two or three of Drew Brophy’s murals:

Sunrise Mural

Myrtle Beach Mural

Tattoo Shop

Go online and search and you will be wowed. This is a family of artists. A husband and wife that not only are talented, colorful, and successful but also have the heart to share their business tricks with the world for others to one day be as successful as them.

There is one specific page that sticks out to me- in the many blog pages that Maria has… Ten Ways to Please Your Client. Follow that link to read her whole blog post.

Maria and Drew know that a mural is not some painting that sets them at a godly level in society. They are still there to entirely please the client and put the client first in everyday ensuring their happiness. This is what Maria says at the beginning of her post:

We aren’t happy unless our client is. Our personal goal: Make the painting so awesome and the process so smooth for the client that they are compelled to tell everyone they know. (That’s how we get more business, without having to track it down. It comes to us.)

Walker Studios has been super blessed this year to have ALL of our commissions be through word of mouth. We haven’t had to go hunt down a job because amazing people like you tell other amazing people about us…and we strive to do amazing work for them. 😃 Customer satisfaction is on the top of our priority list and we will forever try to make you as happy as we can within our abilities.

So thanks to you and the beautiful news you spread our business is growing by leaps and bounds!

❤ ✌ 🎨

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2 thoughts on “Bright colors and lots of paint

  1. Glad to find your blog! Thanks for sharing the links to Drew and my websites and posts. I feel humbled! 🙂

    • You’re so welcome! I reference your work all the time and really appreciate your business tips. They have helped my business so much! Thanks again!

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