Blogspiration 2-2013

When Staying on Task becomes a Task

This is now my second Blogspiration post…and I’m already late. By a day none the less…but still late..and when I sat down to write up my latest inspirations for you I came to a stand still. My mind was filled with all the things I needed to get done this weekend and I couldn’t stay focused long enough to think of some kind of artsy inspiration… That’s when I realized that I never really set any parameters on this blog…I never said it would ALWAYS be artistic inspirations…and that’s when I decided that it doesn’t have to be a painter, technique, or style to blog on…but perhaps the business side of art as well. And after a little research on distractions I found a wonderful blog that sums up kinda what I need to do.

You can read the entire blog post HERE if you want to read the full ten tips on how to stay focused on the task at hand. 😊 I think it is quite helpful and really that’s what these blogs are supposed to be about anyways aren’t they?! Helpful, inspiring, intriguing knowledge….for you from me…and back again.

Let me know which tips you think help you the best…or even better- if you have a trick of your own that helps you stay on task –please tell me! I will never turn down advice on how to improve the efficiency of my work.

They do say:

Time is Money

…and when you think of it that way…no one really wants to waste any time do they?


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