August’s Current Work

August has been busy…and as many artists know…when you are busy your art seems to be put on the back burner until all other projects are complete. And I have a minor deadline for my project…because I need to set up my nursery before my little bundle of joy arrives..and I only have approximately 6 weeks left… BUT in all the craziness of these last few weeks my husband, Kay and I managed to get away for a week and spend some time in Maine. (yes…my sister joined my husband and I for a whole week…she is a really good third wheel )

So in response to my last post- my Blogspiration post- I decided to use at least one of my beach days to dabble in some watercolors again. It has been approximately 2 1/2 years since I touched a watercolor palette…and I am embarrassed to show what has come of my dabbling…but dropping all my pride I shall post it anyways.

first attempt
The Jedi and waterline on the beach… Once I threw in those umbrellas I instantly was dissatisfied…

So I moved on to the next…

This one was a little bit more my style…I decided not to attempt waves and water and rocks and people and umbrellas all at once. I focused on the sand dunes…and was pleased.

These will not be hanging up in any gallery… But they hopefully are a starting point to something much better. And hey…if down the road there is no improvement…at least I know I’m good at Oils and Acrylic. πŸ™‚

Thanks for following. Stop by again for my next Blogspiration post…followed by another current work post…they will be every other week if you get the gist…


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One thought on “August’s Current Work

  1. Second one is cute! And at least you can hang these up in your Maine house, because family always loves personal art! πŸ™‚

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