Blogspiration #1

After almost a complete year with nothing posted on this blog I can now say: I’m back. I would recap the whole year for you, but it would be quite lengthy, maybe boring to some of you, and really irrelevant to what is going on now and into the future. So we begin with a clean slate. August 2013…and onward. It’s now been close to two years that Walker Studios LLC has been open for business ( January will be…but it will come fast enough). And we have grown by leaps and bounds. It is amazing how much more the business thrives the more time you put into it. Kay and I are both done with school now and have been able to really dive head first into a new direction of marketing and projects, which is going quite stupendously. Our photography sector has taken off so much more then we could’ve hoped for and we are delighted to say- THANKS TO YOU! Many of our photography jobs and art commissions that we have landed this year have been through word of mouth, positive recommendations, and friends of friends of friends. πŸ™‚

Now…we push further and have re-entered the blogging world in hopes of reaching out to new faces, and finding new inspirations. And that is the purpose of this post…my Artsy Blogspirations…inspirations that I want to share with you…on my blog- simple as that. Inspirations to me are life changing, moving, motivating, and simply…quite useful- so why hog them and keep them to myself?!?

To keep me motivated and productive in the fine art world I need to see what is going on around me. And one massive helper in this time of surfing the web is Pinterest. I know there are many opinions on Pinterest…from how it is a waste of time, to how it is not private, or doesn’t cite work correctly…each of these is an opinion- and you can have yours- but I also have mine… And Pinterest has opened new doors for me in regards to surfing the web- it is my little organized app full of inspiration. New websites; new artists, ideas, and quotes- all with included pictures….and we know how much of a visual person I am. πŸ˜‰

So in this weeks browsing I took the time to narrow down my searches in hopes of inspiring you. I’m headed to Maine for the week and packed in my bag are watercolors and a pad full of white paper waiting to be used. My watercolor is rusty and needs some help so what better way to loosen up then to paint the waves of the ocean, sand between my toes, and blue skies overhead? Pinterest got me jump started on the watercolor idea- and here’s why:

Allen EganKoi Carp

The beautiful thing about watercolor is the ability to let the paper and paint combine so freely. The watercolor takes its own path along the page, seeping into the woven threads of parchment and here you have a simple picture of fish…but there is no water needed because the translucency of the medium tells a story of its own.

Lia PortoNectar

Nothing needs to be said about this freehand illustration- it is all in the application of paint and vibrancy of colors.

I’m excited to relax on the beach with a paintbrush in my hand and hope to keep my detailed brain at bay to achieve some paintings that feel as loose and free as the ones below.

Lia MeliaSiren Song


Maurice SapiroSunset, Relected


Obviously there is a vast difference between oil and watercolor regarding what moods you can create in your painting, but all the same. They’ve inspired my subject matter- and I’ll take any inspiration that I can get!
Wish me luck!
Pray for sunshine and good waves!

And stayed tuned for my post next week including those watercolors that I actually completed…I shall post them but whether they are successful or not…that is TBD. πŸ˜‰

Good Night, Good Day, or Good Evening…

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