September Brings New Things

September is a wonderful month full of gorgeous fall weather, vibrant colors in nature, and the hustle and bustle of families sending kids back to school…but I never have to do that again…which is why I believe September feels SO much more amazing this year. September didn’t begin with that sinking feeling in my stomach telling me I have 3 days left until I have to sacrifice 30 hours of my week to a cold, lifeless, concrete building called college. This September came with sunshine and 75 degree weather -WITHOUT the humidity and I couldn’t welcome it more. My to-do list is growing longer then ever though…and I guess it is similar to homework…because I am procrastinating.

I have 3 large paintings to paint for a wonderful friend of mine reflecting her trip to Barcelona…and I know she is anxiously waiting on them….

I have a new commission of one large painting for a co-worker of mine…the subject is an old castle in Portugal (I think) where her boyfriends grandfather grew up… that should be fun.

I have another co-worker of mine, anxiously awaiting a tattoo sketchup of a back tattoo he plans on getting as soon as I complete the drawing.

And recently I was asked to paint a larger small “mural” of the business name “Chocopologie” on the wall inside Chocopologie of New Haven…a quaint, deliciously smelling shop that is indeed filled with all sorts of chocolates.

I also have the opportunity to teach an art class -for any age group- at a school…whenever I give this guy a call…. if I choose to accept… (but I feel like I have a lot on my plate right now…so I am not quite sure about that one yet.)

So, as you can see…. I have plenty of artsy stuff to do right now…yet instead I am typing away on the computer telling you everything that has to get done…. Have I ever mentioned that I am really good at making lists…. yea…I am…. but I don’t check them off as fast as I would like to.


Kay and I just signed a contract a few days ago to have our business advertised on the coffee mugs at the Brownstone Restaurant. They will be used in the restaurant for a minimum of a year and at the end of their time there…when the restaurant goes to get new mugs, we get the remainder of the mugs that are still alive and not broken. :) So we still get to advertise with them after that. The most wonderful part of this “gig” if you wish to call it that… is that the man who runs this advertising company…CONTACTED US! He found our business card in a local cafe and gave US a call. I love when that happens. So, if you get a craving for some brunch…stop into the Brownstone Restaurant in Hamden and check out our ad on the mugs. :)


To wrap things up…. September has been wonderful for us so far, and October will bring even more adventures. We are a little less than one month away from shooting a wedding in Trumbull, CT. And we are SUPER excited for it. The bride and groom are wonderful people and it will surely be an amazing day for us and for them. :)


Cheers followers!


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