Planters and Pots

Today consisted of an arts and crafts project so satisfying that I cannot wait for the next one. I grabbed four cans of vivid spray paint and vowed to make my 20′ x 20′ patio come alive. All of my cheap plastic pots donated by the in-laws just were NOT suiting my style.

Grab your pots and spray whatever stripes, lines and areas you want first. Here I chose already existing lines or ridges in the pots for what would eventually be my stripes.

As you can see on the orange pot. I have taped off the once yellow lines that I first put down. This way when I remove the tape the line will be perfect. The taping is the longest, most tedious part of this project…. But it is SO worth it in the end.


When removing the tape pull it off slowly as to not peel off a section of spray paint… It sticks differently to different textured pots and you don’t want to find out the hard way…. So peel off tape And WA-LA! A beautiful set of planters in vibrant colors- which of course you can make to match any patio furniture or porch decorations that you have. Or make it a sporadic rainbow of colors. It’s SPRINGTIME…. Do whatever you want- it works! 🙂

And enjoy these colors for many summers to come.

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One thought on “Planters and Pots

  1. AWalker on said:

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    A neat way to revamp your patio for summer time. Change those boring white planters to something springy and playful.


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