The most beneficial part of a 3 hour Biology lecture…. Is the opportunity to complete a QUALITY doodle.


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4 thoughts on “A DOODLE A DAY

  1. this is some lovely work! i love the way that she is detailed yet very simple together. the trees are amazing, they are intricate displays of both nature and your skills.
    wish i could create something this cool!
    thankyou for sharing
    keep smiling

    • AWalker on said:

      Thank you for commenting! It is always great to hear what others think about my art. 🙂 I’m planning on posting a lot more “doodles”. I hope you come back to see more!

  2. That’s amazing! Please pardon the pun, bu perhaps you get that a lot. 🙂 Nice work, and a nice break. Glad I popped in.

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