A sunny inspiration

Have you ever opened the windows in your house and sat out on the porch in a trance while the sun caresses your face and the breeze whips little tendrils of hair around your face? I have. And that is where I am standing right now. I am so inspired by this sun that I decided to post about it. “Christian Rock” radio on Pandora plays in the background. Guitars and drums scream their music alongside sparrows chirping in the trees.

Today I am beginning a new still life painting. My motivation is my grandfather. A month or so ago he walked up to me and asked me if I could paint him a picture similar to “Letter Rack” a Trompe l’Oiel style painting I had done a few years ago. He was so amazed by the illusion of 3D that he asked if he could touch it. 🙂 And for me the greatest honor in the world is having my grandfather ask for a painting of MINE to be hung in his home. OF COURSE PAPA! Yes! I will paint you a painting! And here I am…beginning a still life that should probably take about 6 months… But my goal is to do it by his birthday in May. Not making any promises… It may be a belated birthday present.

And with that, I go to paint… In the sun. 🙂

Enjoy today, because it is the first day of the rest of your life.


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