Art created from Blurred Vision

Ever Since fourth grade…many many years ago… I have had bad eyesight…wearing glasses and contacts, I cannot function without them…. until i turned this hindrance of mine into a work of art.

Often I think to myself, “Gee, people really take their eyes for granted…”

And that is where my inspiration began to sprout…half of you reading this may be agreeing with me, since you are of the “4 eyes” crowd as well…you may understand how annoying it is to wake up every morning blind as a bat…not being able to see the alarm clock…not being able to find the light switch…and having to put those little pieces of plastic in your eyes every morning to your eyeballs discontent… and then 5 hours later…halfway through your day they are already irritating the heck out of you, and you have no choice but to carry on with the pain because life goes on, whether you are comfortable or not.

And THEN…there is the other half of you…saying “Geeez…no need to be so dramatic…you’re just nearsighted….”…. and these paintings my friends ARE FOR YOUR HALF OF THE WORLD! (No I don’t hate those with perfect eyesight, jealous-maybe, but after 20 something years of bad eyesight you can rest assured that I have accepted the fact that this is how I have to live. Don’t worry, I understand that part. 🙂 This is just for you to understand how I see things.)

This painting series began with my glasses off, and my contacts out…. and just my hand and my blurry eyes doing the work. I wanted to create a world of oil and acrylics that allowed you to see a glimpse into my REAL world…my world of light flares, and misshapen objects…the world that I see everyday. The world that YOU do NOT see.

A Rainy Evening on the road: 

A Blurry Avenue

So painting number one is a fiesta of bright colors and vivid shapes dancing across the canvas. This painting was one of the free-est I have ever painted. And for this, I feel the point begins to make itself clear. Driving down the streets at night; lights from store windows, car headlights, and street lamps all turn into supernovas in the sky. Blaring, flaring, glaring lights. But, gorgeous all the same. Although things are not clear and detailed as you may see…the juxtaposition of colors in my world make the beautiful scenes that I capture here for you to see as well.

Evolution of an Idea:

And so still playing with the idea of blurred shapes , realistic forms morphed just to the point of confusion…. I have my latest “WORK IN PROGRESS”….

The Field of Dreams

This painting is not just a dark photograph of a painting…it is indeed…very dark. Originally this painting of a lone tree in a field was bright with yellow-green grass and a cerulean sky…but in this painting I really wanted to play with the layering…with the PROCESS…so I took a variety of blues, and purples, and browns and did an acrylic wash over the entire surface to dull the colors. I am not quite sure what the end result is that I am looking for…but for once in my life as an artist…I don’t care. I am finding that focusing so intently on the end result is what halts the creative process in between…and if it were all up to the science of creating the conclusion, no one would enjoy it…because the fun is in the EXPERIMENTATION.

Keep following my blog and you’ll be sure to hear about where this takes me in the future…and I’ll post updated pictures on the Field of Dreams asking for as much criticism as you can give me. Constructive criticism of course. 😉

Thanks for reading!!


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2 thoughts on “Art created from Blurred Vision

  1. Ames, I LOVE the Blurry Avenue painting! the colors are so bright. this is a really cool series idea. Cant wait to see more! -stephanie

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