Mural Project: Crossfit Cheshire

After a grueling, tiring, quite enjoyable STRAIGHT 24 hours…. the mural project is complete.

It began Sunday the 26th at 9am setting up, finishing the sketch, and then beginning to paint. Help arrived at noon which included my husband and then soon after my two sisters and Kay’s boyfriend. Tina and I went up on the lift and began painting the logo -the main part of the design that I wanted to get out of the way ahead of time. Kay and Rob began painting the lowest line of words on the right hand side that could be reached with a ladder. We took a short break for subway sandwiches, then continued on until about 6pm when Kay and Rob decided it was time for them to leave. They had done all they could reach anyways so off they went…

Tina and I remained on the lift painting the evening away, talking nonsense in any accent we could think of just to make the time pass faster. Chris was our DJ and the night carried on quite fast. I don’t think I would’ve been able to complete this mural without her amazing amount of work. But, About 10:15 it was decided that Tina should head home before mom and dad started to think that I was holding her captive for the entire process. So Chris drove her home and at that point I was alone in the gym…by myself…so here I was sitting on the lift 30 feet in the air…Legs dangling over the edge…staring at the wall. My body was ridden with fatigue…and I LITERALLY hit a wall. I probably sat there for a good five minutes wondering how on earth I was going to get any of this completed in time…but somehow, somewhere, I found the strength to stand up, maneuver my lift higher, and keep on painting on. So I did. And I continued. And I painted. And I sang to myself. And I painted. And I screamed at the wall. And my arms screamed at me. And I painted…

At 5:00am my husband decided, after a long night of dedication and waiting by my side…that he needed to go home and sleep. So he did. And 30 minutes after that, the first classes arrived for the morning to start their workout session. At that point I was in a zombie-like state of mind. The only thing I was thinking about was completing the task at hand. If God answered any prayers for me that evening, I know one of them was the prayer for strength to keep me going to the end. And he gave me that. I didnt feel the pain in my arms anymore, I still could stand despite my wobbling legs….and come 9am on Monday the 27th….the guy came to the gym to pick up the lift that had been rented….and I was finished.

Staring at the wall through my bleary eyes I felt what it must feel like to see your newborn baby for the first time. After all that pain, hard work, and lack of sleep…I would do it all over again for this gorgeous, beautiful, masterpiece of a wall. And I am able to call it mine. ♥



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