A New York Adventure

Yesterday was Wednesday.
Yesterday I went to New York for the day.
Yesterday was fun.

I went with a group from school. Friends and strangers alike. We had a blast, there was a lot of giggling involved, and a lot of jokes… But what I really walked away with was a newfound inspiration for art. I guess just like they say, “energy creates energy”… “art creates art.” Just being able to see the process of artists from all over the USA and see their magnificent pieces in gorgeous stark white galleries causes you to think about your own process and your own success.

This post is tens of thousands of times different than my last one. Because this one isn’t about sitting and crying about how much work I have… This one is rejoicing in how much art I need to do and how hard I have to push myself to get at the level of these artists… But I’m excited for it.

I need to remember that what I have can’t be bought by just anyone… What I have can’t be picked up in free time… What I have is a TALENT and a skill that not everyone has… And I am proud to be an artist… And ready to go as far as I have to so that one day I can walk through the streets of Chelsea and see MY art hanging in one of those 150 galleries.

Here I go… With paintbrushes in my hand, and you as my reader… We go together into the world of art.


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