Best figure painting to date!!

Good Morning Monday.
Usually as a full time artist, student, and waitress… Mondays aren’t my favorite. Yet today is a little different. Today my drawings are completed. Today the sun is shining and the fall breeze is blowing leaves around my ankles. And today I have a new edition to my permanent portfolio. I have painted the best figure in my entire career. A two week study at school of one of our models helped me to finally break the boundaries of figure painting. Instead of blending colors to make a plastic-like skin… I am now applying the paint in a painterly way to show the reflections of skin on skin and warms and cools. I feel like I’ve crested the hill. I can see the sun on the other side now. I can see the path down to the other side. I’m not stuck rolling the same boulder up the dark side of the mountain.

BEWARE: It is a nude painting. But I’m oh so proud of it I had to post it for all to see.


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2 thoughts on “Best figure painting to date!!

  1. awalkofart on said:

    Thank you! Its amazing how different i look at the figure now. Its an entirely different way then looking at a landscape. I used to totally avoid them…now i am hoping to incorporate the figure into my landscapes. 🙂

  2. Beautiful!
    I hoping to someday get in a class for figure painting, I know it would help tremendously, but yet I can’t seem to find the time. Wonderful job, you should be proud.

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