Inspiration block

I’m finding it hard to get going on this. And my problem is inspiration. My original idea started as a vineyard…an Italian vineyard…but alas- I have never been to Italy. So I scratched that idea until further notice. My inspiration for this project came from a house on a vineyard in CT. This house was covered in vines and surrounded by trees. It made me realize how nature thrives even without the help of man. A house built by man was overtaken by vines and flowers made by God. On my drive home I realized I passed a few different establishments overgrown with shrubbery. And then the vision happened and I started into my painting. Now I’m at a roadblock…to determine how far to go with it…should I leave only pieces of the house showing to the world… Or 50/50 plants and houses. So that is where I am at so far. My studio is filled with references of vines and houses. It covered in oils and brushes… And smells like turpenoid. Perhaps because it spilled all over the carpet- but no biggie. That’s what a studio is supposed to be like- right?


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